The craddle of the House of Liechtenstein

Since 1130 the Liechtenstein family is related to the Weinviertel region.Till today the offices of the Princely estates are located on the ground floor of the palace.

Prince Hartmann and his wife Princesse Elisabeth Sidonie - parents of 24 children - lived in the 17th cent. in Wilfersdorf. All members of todays princely family are descendants of this couple.
A family tree in the museum with 486 names gives a survey about the 850 years of Liechtenstein family history.

A museum on the first floor of the palace documents the important influence of the Liechtenstein dynasty in history. Prints, objects and models show the Liechtenstein´s role in art, architecture, politics and economy of Central Europe.

Especially in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria and in Moravia in today´s Czech Republic this important European family left several splendid palaces, gardens and monuments.